Business Process Management / Workflow

Key Base Consult will engage with clients and business teams to develop Target Operating Models combined with supporting the evaluation of existing (As-Is) business Processes produced by our experts and help to identify planned changes to business processes for the development of proposed (To-Be) business processes.

We enable the classification of the BPMs within a framework useful to the programme and provide organisations with the ability to determine gaps between the ‘As-Is’ and ‘To-Be’ model in order to best:

  • Obtain familiarisation with the Key Base Consult BPMN process mapping toolset.
  • Understand key stakeholder relationships within organisations and start to develop relationships.
  • Clarify time and knowledge constraints within organisations.
  • Assess documentation and knowledge held within the organization.
  • Provide the ability for organisations to assess the quality of work provided by Key Base Consult.
  • Provide key information regarding the level-of-effort (LOE) required for the completion of and given project.