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Enterprise Architecture Assessment & Diagnostics

How we do it

At Key Base Consult we have come to understand that every enterprise comprises three factors to perform its mission and achieve its vision:


People provide the fundamental element for excellence.


Process is the set of activities followed to produce products for customers and clients. Optimising processes eliminates waste, increases efficiency and reduces risk.


Products are both what is produced and the supporting tools and technology used. Products cover domain knowledge, policies, and application. Some products can automate processes, or support and guide people to produce better quality and higher performance.

Our Business Consultants understand that the development of an Enterprise Architecture constitutes an important opportunity not only for re-configuring the IS function, but also to deepen and organisation’s broader understanding of the need to become a more ‘digital’ organisation – and what this means in practice. Our Enterprise Architects help organisations ensure that such an understanding informs its Transformation programme.