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Microsoft Office Training & Mentoring Program

Become a highly skilled Microsoft Office User

Microsoft Office is the world’s most famous and widely used work program for studying, personal use and business. The ability to effectively use Microsoft Office software is one of the most rudimentary skills required of staff working in office environments and, regardless of industry, it is said that possessing Microsoft Office skills is one of the top three most desired by employers, topped only by oral and written communication skills.


At Key Base Consult, we deliver an all-inclusive Microsoft Office training program, intended to make you competent in the use of Microsoft Office software to its full potential, not just being able to type up documents, present information on a slide deck or tabulate numbers. The sessions offer you insight into how to create and transform information in useful ways, enhance work productivity, and allows for the effective, professional processing and presentation of data.

Course Topics

  1. Microsoft Word
    • Document Management (New Document, Saving Document, Opening Document, Printing)
    • Formatting (Toolbars, Text, Toolbars)
    • Tables (Creation, Borders, Cells, Ordering of Data, Summation)
    • File Insertion (Inserting Pictures, Microsoft Office Objects, Links to Files)
    • Controlling Page Appearance (Headers/Footers, Page Layout, Inserting a Background, Page Breaks, Sections, Columns, Footnote, Margins)
    • Controlling Page Appearance
    • Working Faster with Shortcuts
  2. Microsoft Excel
    • Tables (Borders, Cells, Ordering of Data, Summation)
    • Reviewing Documentation (Comments, Reviewing)
    • Formatting (Conditional Formatting, Page Layout, Setting Print Area)
    • Analysing & Reporting Data (Pivot Tables, Lookups, Finding Data, Applying Filters)
    • Linking Documents (Inserting new Spreadsheets and new Workbooks)
    • Working with the Excel Interface
    • Sorting and Using Filters
    • Useful Formulas and Functions
    • Mastering VLOOKUP
    • Demystifying Pivot Tables
    • Charting and Data Visualisation
    • Excel Tips and Tricks
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Creating a professional-looking Presentation
    • Presentation Management tools
    • Presenting Data and Information using Text, Images, Diagrams with animations and Transitional Effects
  4. Microsoft Outlook
    • Quick Access Bar (Change what appears on the quick access bar)
    • Mail (Create a New Email Message, Add an Email Signature to messages, Forward or Reply to an email message, Add an Attachment to an email message)
    • Create a Calendar Appointment
    • Schedule a Meeting
    • Create a Contact (Get a list of the contacts in your Outlook address book)

Course Duration

The program is delivered in two (2) days in the following format:

  • Two (2) days of intensive training and practical classroom exercises

Course Follow-on Sessions

  • CV Writing
  • Mentoring sessions via video conferencing, email or telephone channels
  • An intensive One-to-One Interview Preparation session

Course Dates for 2020

  • 28th & 29th September 2020

Course Fees

  • £310.00