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Transformative Career Stories from Our Training Programme Graduates

Discover inspiring success stories from our community members who have transformed their careers with our training programs.
From conquering complex projects to mastering business analysis techniques, our graduates share their journeys of triumph and professional growth.
From Engineering to Analytics: My Transformative Journey at Keybase Consult
“I joined Keybase Consult with an open mind-set and looking to establish myself in a new field (coming from a predominantly engineering background). I found the classes to be highly informative and rich in content. The instructors were knowledgeable and very experienced, which made the whole process a very rewarding one. Sufficient to say, I am now gainfully employed as a business analyst in one of UK’s largest recruitment agency.”
Key Base Consult: Bridging Knowledge to Success in Business Analysis
``Key base Consult’s training style makes the Business Analysis body of Knowledge easily digestible for any aspiring Business Analyst. Not only are you adequately equipped for the examination with the necessary course materials and hands on practical sessions but also the aptitude to mentoring for the ‘real world’ is a great bonus during the training course. I am currently on a Business Analyst contract role which I secured shortly after completing the training course.”
From Call Center Supervisor to SAAS Business Analyst
“An excellent balance of Business Analysis training, CV writing and job interview skills training. The Keybase Fundamentals in Applied Business Analysis course fully equipped me with both the skills and the mind-set required to not only land my Business Analyst (BA) job but also to hit the ground running on my BA role. The training venue/environment and the course material provided was excellent. The training was of the highest standard and the post course follow-up and support was comprehensive right up till the point of securing a job as an SAAS Business Analyst. Prior to this training I was unemployed and my previous job was a supervisory role in a call centre. I am eternally grateful to my friend (who is also an alumnus of Keybase) for introducing me the Keybase Business Analysis course. Enrolling on the course was one of the best career decisions of my life. My only regret was not knowing about the course much earlier. – BIYI (SAAS Business Analyst)”
Transformative Journey: From Frustration to Success with Key Base Consult
“All I would say is, it has been a wonderful blessing to have been introduced to Key Base Consult. I was a System Support Engineer for well over 15 years, frustrated, disillusioned and desperately needed a different challenge. I was introduced to Key Base Consult in November last year and promptly undertook their Business Analysis course. Apart from the quality of the training which was immensely appreciated, what I cherished the most is the confidence and self believe that was instilled in me. I actually believed for the first time I was capable of pulling it off.
Pleased to say I am now an E-Prescription Business Analyst with the NHS.”
Keybase Advantage: Excelling in Business Analysis with Expertise
“The course is of a very high standard and suitably paced the exercises kept us focussed and examples related back to the real world. I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Keybase. The trainers and consultants are extremely knowledgeable and genial and exceeded my expectations. I can say with confidence that the course is good value for money, packing in a lot of useful guidance and going over and beyond to provide context and practical advice. It is extremely helpful hearing their real life scenarios and relating business analysis principles to the examples makes the content very memorable. I would certainly recommend Keybase. There is a lot to learn, so be prepared to work extremely hard however it pays off in the end.”
From Novice to Hired: A Transformational Journey with Keybase Consults
“Prior to going on the training course with Keybase Consult, I had no IT background or even a clue of what it entailed to be a business analyst. I was thoroughly enlightened by the course. The delivery of the course by the trainers as well as the course material was top quality. They took their time to explain and ensured we understood each session. After the course, I attended the CV workshop session and was paired up with one of the trainers to provide guidance as I wrote my CV and help me with preparing for the interview. I can confirm that I have received two job offers in my preferred sector. All I can say is, if you are thinking of training to become a business analyst, train with Keybase Consult.”
Key Base Consult's Role in My Journey to a Business Analyst at Barclays Bank
“I would like to thank Key Base Consult for the support they have given me in this period. I attended my training in November 2013 and through it all, the trainers have been there to help. I can now confirm that I have been offered a role with Barclays Bank as a Business Analyst and I’m looking forward to new beginnings this year. Trust me, every word the trainers have spoken has helped me to this point. All the presentations and training through the entire training program has enabled me understand the role that a Business Analyst plays in an Organisation and how to create and add value. I am truly grateful to the entire team at Key Base Consult and I can confirm that this training program works and it will get you into the market and make you a successful Business Analyst.”
Unlocking Business Analysis Excellence: A Grateful Journey with KeyBase Consult
“I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU TO KEYBASE CONSULT because I thought I knew what Business Analysis was all about having worked as a BA in the past but soon realised I didn’t when I got to take this course. I was at a point that I lacked confidence applying for Business Analyst Jobs as I had been out of BA Market for over 18months. I found it difficult securing interviews, probably secured only one in the last 18months. The Course is Value for Money. The training sessions were excellent and the CV workshop opened my eyes to ways of writing a good CV. I went for an interview today for A Business System Analyst Role and I was offered the Role at the end of the interview which was shocking to me. I recommend KeyBase Consult to anybody looking to change career and become a Business Analyst because the training is excellent. There are many tutors out there but I can confidently say that The KeyBase Consult structure is top notch and worth every penny.”